Welcome. This tutorial will help you know of how to put codes into your DS and use the codes. There's two ways to put codes into the ARDS Code Manager, and I'll show you both ways.

Putting in your own codes into the 'my codelists' section of the ARDS Code Manager and editing your own codes in the ARDS cartridge, only works with version 1.52 or higher.
If your ARDS Code Manager or the ARDS cartridge is is below version 1.52, I strongly recommend you to update your ARDS Code Manager and the ARDS cartridge to version 1.52.

Table of Contents
The beginning
The XML format way
The TXT format way
Uploading codes onto your ARDS cartridge

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Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite(obviously)
ARDS cartridge(v1.52 or later)
Computer with USB connection
A special USB cord that came with ARDS
ARDS Code Manager installed onto computer(v1.52 or later)

The beginning

#1: Upload your ARDS code Manager. It'll show you the subscriptions, my codelists and the Nintendo DS sections. Sometimes the Nintendo DS section list of games won't be uploaded, if it isn't plugged in or the proper driver is not installed.

#2: Once you plug in the Nintendo DS with ARDS and the cord with it to the computer, the list of games would be shown into the Nintendo DS section.
* - the Nintendo DS section list that is showing in the picture, it's the list of what games that I currently have, while two of the games show different versions of the same game. So don't worry about that.


After this, there is two separate ways, of adding codes.
If you want to add codes that are XML format, click here.
If you want to add codes that are TXT format, click here.
If you want to go strait to the end of this, click here.

The XML format way

#3: Drag your XML file from anywhere onto your computer, and into the 'my codelists' section of the ARDS Code Manager.

It's really simple as that, because the Game Code, Game ID and the AR Code would be in the XML file.

If you had used the XML file format way, skip to the ending.

The TXT format way

Note: There's two different ways of putting the game lists onto the 'my codelists' section of the ARDS Code Manager.

#3a: Drag your game from the Nintendo DS list into the 'my codelists' list.

#3b: Create a game by right-clicking and scrolling down to 'Add new game'.

Example: Pokémon Diamond - Game code: ADAE Game ID: 636791c0

Example: Pokémon Pearl Game Code: APAE Game ID: 31d0afde

#4: next, copy the whole code from your txt file, right-click onto the game in your 'my codelists' section, scroll down to the 'Add new cheat', click on it, then paste your code into the bottom box. Click OK, once you done putting the name of the code you want on it.

The code(s) will show up like this, in your 'my codelists' section of the ARDS Manager.

Uploading codes onto your ARDS cartridge

#5: Drag your game onto your Nintendo DS section of the ARDS Code Manager, while keeping your DS on and your ARDS cartridge plugged into the computer.

#6: Click on yes, to overwrite your game. **
* - This is optional, because if only you do have the game list of codes in your ARDS cartridge already.
** - Be careful, because once you overwrite it, and you had codes already into the cartridge, all of the codes would be erased, and replaced with a new line of codes.


Once you're done adding codes onto your ARDS cartridge, just unplug your DS from the computer, and use it as normal.

I hope you all enjoyed my presentation of how to put ARDS codes into your cartridge. Have a great day.

- Soldjermon